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Observation Of Soil Ph Change On Paddy Field Around Industrial Area Based On Spectral Characteristic (Study Case On Paddy Field In Kiangroke And Solokan Jeruk Subdistrict, Bandung Region)


Soil pH is a dynamic factor in the soil. It can change periodically, depend on the rain, chemical process and also human activities in cultivating the agriculture land. Particularly in paddy field, a geographic variation gives a difference on how soil pH change related in to the topographic, human activities, land use/land cover type and industrial effect.
The paddy field area located near the industrial area will have disturbance from the influence of industrial waste thrown freely in to the river, this situation take the paddy field in to the polluted situation and of course the soil pH will change due to the pollution of soil and water. Different situation occur in the paddy field area located far from the industrial area, the soil pH will change without get the effect from the industrial waste.
In this research will use comparison approach to compare the change of soil pH during 30 days based on the spectral and reflectance number from Landsat 8 and field spectroradiometer. The best estimated soil pH is obtained by calculated the regression models between reflectance number soil pH acquired from field and it should have a low errors calculated by root means square error (RMSE).

Materials and Methods