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Study Of Carrageenan’s Coating Effect To Fruit Ripening Process For Post Harvest Application


As one of the world’s banana exporter countries, Indonesia’s export rate is still inferior to other countries. The banana’s short shelf life becomes obstacle for any banana producers. Known as one of the climateric fruits, banana’s rippening process followed by an increase in respiration and ethylene production . Ethylene activates fruit’s rippening genes and accelerates decaying process. So it is necessary to develop banana’s post-harvest technologies which are easy to use, inexpensive, and environmental friendly. Carrageenan  edible coating is one of the best technique in delaying fruit’s ripening process but its application in nanotechnology has not ben widely studied.  The aim of this study is to apply the nanoparticle carrageenan coating to bananas and observe its physical and biological effects.


Methods used were synthesized of carrageenan nanoparticle, coated bananas with 0.2% carrageenan nanoparticle and 0.2% carrageenan, and evaluated the fruit ripening process through physical observation, amilum assay, and TSS (Total Soluble Solids) analysis of coated bananas.

Results and disscusion

The result (Table 1) showed that  Carragenan nanoparticle’s sythezied has 163 nm diameter and 0.456 polydispersity index with Particle Size Analysis (PSA) method.  This means that Carragenan nanoparticle’s sythezied is need to be optimized to have  <100 nm in size (As one of the nanoparticle criteria) and homogenized (because of its polydispersity index >0.3).

Table 1. Nanoparticle’s Diameter and polydispersity index .

Figure 1. Nanoparticle’s distribution.

Observation of banana’s ripening process shows carrageenan nanoparticle can delay 2 days of ripening process compared to the control. The result of amilum assay, peel pulp ratio, and TSS address the nanoparticle carragenan’s coated banana is below control.

Figure 2. Morphologycal and amyllum assay

Figure 3. Left: Total soluble solid shows Brix Degree. Right: Peel and pulp ratio

The presence of modified atmosphere in the coating using a carrageenan solution can slow down the ripening process of bananas.


From the physical and physiological observations on bananas with nano coating carrageenan 0.2 % with a particle size of 163 nm can delay fruit ripening 2 days compared to controls. The results of this study are expected to contribute to the post-harvest research in agro-industries .


Carrageenan solution formula can be used as prototype for future post harvest application

Journal manuscript is under preparation.

HEAD OF RESEARCH TEAM : Dr. Fenny Martha Dwivany
TEAM MEMBERS : Dr. Veinardi Suendo and Dr. Dwininta Larasati
OFFICIAL ADDRESS : Jl. Ganesa 10 Bandung 40132/ 022-2511575/022-2534107