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HEAD OF RESEARCH TEAM : Dr. Made Tri Ari Penia Kresnowati, ST, M.Sc.
TEAM MEMBERS : Dr. Agus Yodi Gunawan, Dewi Puspitasari Effendi, ST; Winny Muliyadini, Yasi Dani
OFFICIAL ADDRESS : Microbiologi and Bioprocess Technology Laboratory – Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung

The beans of Theobroma cacao, widely known as cocoa, find a lot of use both in food or nonfood products. With the increasing world demand on cocoa, Indonesia should improve the quality of its cocoa beans to  be more competitive. The low quality of Indonesian cocoa beans are mostly related to the unfermented beans whereas fermentation is reported to improve the quality, taste, colour and aroma of cocoa beans. In depth study of cocoa bean fermentation is needed, among others to unveil the reaction mechanisms, the succesion of microorganism, and the optimized operation condition. Last but not of least important, a method for differentiating cocoa beans of various quality needs to be developed.

Study on reaction mechanism, microbial succesion, and process optimization could be performed through modelling and simulation. For this, a kinetic model on cocoa bean fermentation has been developed. The model includes sugar-substrate consumption, dynamics in microbial population, and metabolites production. In order to better describe the observed phenomena, the mass transport aspect that is the diffusion of substrate and metabolite products from the cocoa bean pulp to the beans. However, the observed phenomena on microbial population still could not be described properly.

In order to differentiate cocoa beans of various quality, a fuzzy clustering method has been developed. The method was developed to cluster the metabolites of cocoa beans of various processing methods. This clustering method allows the grouping or clustering of various types of cocoa beans but also allows some degree of variations in the group. The metabolic marker, however, needs to be sought further.

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