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Project Management

1. Fund Disbursement Mechanism

In order to improve financial performance, particularly the management of cooperation, it is informed for the researcher that the mechanism for submitting FRA and Realization of Cooperation Funds is as stated in the following guidelines:

Download :
Fund Disbursement Mechanism
UMK Accountability
Tax Circular 2018

2. Mechanism for Cashflow Submission of Cooperation Activities

To apply for the fund disbursement, the executors of research collaboration or community service activities are asked to fill in the cashflow. Cooperation Activity Cashflow Format:

Download :
RAB Form

3. Regulation of the General Director of Taxes

PRegulation of the General Director of Taxes regarding other types of services and estimated net income as referred to in Article 2 letter C of Law number 7 year 1983 concerning income tax.

Download :
Other Service Types 2006
Other Service Types 2015

4. Regulation of the Minister of Finance
Download :
Standard Input Fees for Fiscal Year 2021
Standard Input Fees for Fiscal Year 2020
Standard Input Fees for Fiscal Year 2019
SStandard Input Fees for Fiscal Year 2018
Standard Input Fees for Fiscal Year 2016
Standard Input Fees for Fiscal Year 2015
The Regulation of The Minister of Finance on Domestic Official Travel


The following is the Official Travel Order or Surat Perintah Perjalanan Dinas (SPPD) form for official travel research activities of DIKTI Grants (Allocation of DIPA ITB)
Download : SPPD Form

6. Form of Inventory Money Receipt (UP)/Proof of Payment DIPA

Berikut ini adalah format kuitansi atau bukti pembayaran untuk keperluan pelaporan pengunaan dana penelitian Hibah DIKTI (Alokasi DIPA ITB)

Download : Receipt Form

7. Guidelines for Work Plan Implementation and Financial Accountability Budgets and Preparation at the End of 2015

Download : Circular Letter of Finance Directorate

8. Circular Letter of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, Directorate General of Taxes concerning the Affirmation of Tax Treatment for PTN-BH

Download : Circular Letter

9. The Regulation of Rector on Standard Cost of Non-PNBP Fund Sources

Download : Standard Cost of Non-PNBP ITB Fund Sources