Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat

Pusat Penelitian Nanosains dan Nanoteknologi

Pusat Penelitian Nanosains dan Nanoteknologi

Ketua PP : Prof. Brian Yuliarto ST,M.Eng.,Ph.D.


Alamat :
Center For Advanced Science Building (CAS), Lt. 1
Jl. Ganesa No.10 Bandung 40132, Indonesia
Email : nrcn@cphys.fi.itb.ac.id
Website : nrcn.itb.ac.id


RCNN envisioned itself to be a research center of excellence in Nanotechnology. The activities in RCNN are directed towards the national advancement in Nanoscience and technology that consists of following goals:

  • To perform research and development activities on Nanoscience and technology for the betterment of the nation;
  • To build and to provide highly educated human resources on Nanoscience and technology in Indonesia;

  • To promote Nanoscience to the society through some training and apprenticeship programs for faculty members from universities around the country;

  • To provide technical services and consultancies on the application of Nanoscience and technology for improving the quality of related national industries;

  • To become a national window for international cooperations and linkages in research and development on Nanoscience and technology;

  • To facilitate the application of Nanotechnology discoveries or innovations in order to make new products or to improve the quality of existing products by advanced technological touch;

  • To provide advanced equipments and tools in order to support the development of Nanotechnology in Indonesia.

Roadmap Research Scheme for NRCN are described below :


1. Nano Science



2. Nano Energy



3. Nano Biology and Environment



4. Nano Medicine



5. Nano Devices